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Urban Crops

We support sustainable cities with small crops that can unload the weight that large agricultural territories support in order to halt deforestation while still meeting the food needs of a growing population.


Jardín urbano

Urban crops
to preserve the forest

Efficient Eating Consulting

We promote and teach an efficient way to eat by doing workshops to the chefs, at schools or any individual person interested.

Cocineros profesionales


We believe in the power of Chefs as the Artists of Food. We teach them the balanced formula of efficient meals for them to create an infinite number of delicious dishes as they have always done, although this time in a more sustainable way for our Planet.

Multitud aclamando


BI&O aims to transmit the information through the three pillars of the school:

students, teachers and parents.

Workshops for kids are free!

Workshops for Students


We teach the kids about how to keep the body healthy from a global understanding and connection with nature, showing them that people and plants, as well all the species need the same ingredients to live, and due to this interconnection, our eating directly impact the rest.

Workshop for Teachers


We hold theoretical and practical workshops for teachers to explain the program's principles so that they can continue to teach all of the information to the children.

Workshops for Parents


On "Healthy and Sustainable Meals" to explain the types of food/nutrients and how to combine them in a balanced way to get efficient meals. The parent's role at home is crucial to ensuring the children's learning at school.



We teach you an efficient diet, demonstrating how to effortlessly combine seasonal foods to create nutritionally complete meals that are more sustainable. You will require less food!

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