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Green Roofs 

We translate the soil and the biocrust functions to the buildings because, in Nature, everything that is removed must be replaced.


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"Our Products do not require conventional watering systems or maintenance, we leave this to Mother Nature and, of course, our biotech support".
Engineer Team

Our Products



Sedum BI&OSoil

Our succulents collection is our second strongest. The ones we use are incredible plants that have evolved to adapt to drought and survive.

They can capture a large amount of carbon and store water in all of their parts, making them more water-efficient and capable of retaining water for longer periods of time than other plants.

We've added our own engineering to this wonderful nature design, installing a SOS water system and watertight system for various uses. It's better to see it... ask for more info.




Moss BI&OCrust

Moss are the protectors of biodiversity and can adapt to any space. They are true sponges of nature, holding 20 times their weight in water and gently releasing it into the atmosphere. They can also absorb a large amount of CO2 and fix nitrogen from the air. We've chosen the best to develop moss platforms with the most recent water storage system for various functions in the buildings.

Image by David Clode


Liquen BI&OCrust

This platform is made with Lichen, an intriguing organism formed by the combination of fungi and algae. It is the strongest plant on Earth and one of its biocrust. They can adapted to all ecosystems and survive to the most extreme conditions. We have fixed in a particular substate to make it even stronger with a unique natural water system.

Digital art exhibit



 Symbio BI&OCrust

The super-platform that we've created is a symbiotic relationship. We've combined them to increase soil fertility and stability by absorbing the most CO2 and fixing nitrogen more than any other BI&O cover. They have the ability to emit water vapor into the atmosphere and promote rain. We've added our magic tech to make them unbeatable.

We only deploy this amazing platform in the world's most arid regions.

More info coming soon...


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