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Urban Crops

There are numerous advantages to growing crops in cities. From the perspective of the environment, urban crops reduce heat islands, improve air quality, capture carbon, and boost biodiversity. Crops, on our inner side, deliver you health with fresh and seasonal vegetables/fruits, which is a more sustainable way to consume.

From your soil to your door, 
we take care of everything if you wish... Select your choice.



Full Pack 

Busy Heroes

We handle the entire procedure, from constructing the wooden terraces to covering them with rich soil rich in organic matter, sowing seasonal food plants, maintaining them, and ultimately delivering the season's box to your door. 


Medium Pack

Pickup Heroes

(Best Seller)


We build the wooden terrace and irrigation system, sow the seasonal seeds, and then you collect them.

That's all there is to it!

But remember to share with your neighbour.


Basic Pack 

Gardening Heroes

We just install the wooden terrace, cover it with the best loam, and add the watering system; the rest is up to you. But don't forget to follow the earth's rhythm and select seasonal plants.

Man person installing water dripping system in home vegetable garden, watering tomato plan
Jardín urbano
Huerto vegetal
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