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The future of Nature is in our hands and our mouths...

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Our closest relationship with Nature is made through FOOD. A balanced diet is key to maintaining the health of our inner and outer ecosystems.

At more than four billion years old, the Earth is made up of different types of ecosystems in which nearly 9 million animal and plant species coexist. In turn, all the ecosystems are linked together forming part of a larger entity. Each of us is part of a whole, united within an organized food chain that we all need to maintain in balance to sustain its biodiversity, which in turn is crucial for the survival of all the species, including our own. This connection/interrelation makes our actions directly impact the balance of the rest of the species.

Since our population has grown so much in the last decades, reaching 8 billion people recently, our eating is unbalancing the rest of the species in Nature, with it the entire Planet and therefore us. That is why it is time for us to change our eating model for another more sustainable one to ensure our survival.

“We need to change our current way of eating to ensure our survival because it is unbalancing Nature".

Another problem related to population growth is the use of intensive agriculture to increase the volume of food production. This farming technique relies on the indiscriminate use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, which damage the microorganisms and all the species living in the soil, as well as the insects on the surface.

We are on time to change... all you need is balance!

We just need to change our Food System for another more sustainable, which involves creating efficient meals, prepared with seasonal foods, from local farms or as close as possible, produced via respectful agriculture, free of artificial chemicals. We should know that a precise amount and the correct combination of the types of food/nutrients make balanced meals that keep us healthy with less food, making better use of The Earth's resources. The secret is in the balance, everything in us is BALANCE, IN and OUT of us... #balanceinnout

Elena Naranjo, founder BI&O

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27 avr. 2023

Love your website.

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